26 September, 2013

Race 54 film now uploaded

We could wait until all films are completed before uploading them, in order to keep them in chronological order, or we can just post them as they are finished – and with 3 people now making films, that's what we will continue to do. Race recaps will follow, eventually.

So without further ado, here is Season Six's running of "Snappy Hour"...

20 September, 2013

The hibernation is over

Yes, this blog has been inactive for a few months, with too many other things on the go, but that is about to change. First off, a newly-completed race film is up on Vimeo – Race 51 from almost a year ago.

Go and check it out, then report back here over the next few weeks as we bring you more films, news, race recaps and such-like...

Race 51 film here.

03 April, 2013

what to do between races?

Well, most people work on their carts of course, but one of our members has been doing it in miniature, using a 3D printer. The models are made using free google sketchup software, and converted to print in solid plastic. a bit of trial and a lot of error, but the production line is up and running...

30 January, 2013

Race 49, Skippy's Revenge

So, we have a recap at last of Race 49, from way back in time. Except it's not much of a recap, as hardly anyone was there. K-Roller and something else who's name is not known to this writer did battle and one of them got the winner's trophy and the other got the last place trophy - winners all round!

Anyway the important thing is, that despite there being next to no footage available, one of our intrepid crew has managed to make a fine film (or something) and it is now ready to view... HERE!

20 December, 2012

2012 catch up

Well, this blog is running a bit behind, no denying it. We have just run Race 52, so there are a few films to be finished and several races to recap. But rest assured, the AIGRF is alive and kicking, and to prove it here are some carts that have recently entered the fray....

K-Roller is evolving new bodywork

The Jester
War Pig
Mustang Sally
Tiny Dancer - now with superb bodywork and paint
Catch a glimpse of the new look Tiny Dancer here https://vimeo.com/55911971

We will attempt to get the blog up to date as soon as possible - in the meantime, happy new year to you all from the AIGRF.

20 November, 2012

News from America

We recently received this message:

A while back I wrote to tell you guys how much the AIGRF had inspired me. I began working on a cart and finaly have one fully functional. It's nothing great, maybe a bit like an early Death Machine, but I went racing in California with SUCKER (an off shoot of the SFVISBF croud). It was everything I thought it could be. I have recently founded NUDRS (Nevada Underground Downhill Racing Syndicate) and have a few others currently working on carts. I have a N.U.D.R.S. page on facebook with 3 race videos, the third being worth watching.
Once again, thank you for your groups dedication and entertaining videos that drove me to the greatest fun I have ever had.

Aaron Freeman
Overton, Nevada USA

So, good luck with that - we wish NUDRS all the best, with lots of exciting building and racing, and above all, keep safe!

14 September, 2012

Race 24... at last!

The long-lost footage from Race 24 has been found, restored and remade into a video. There was 18 gigabytes of material to go through, and it’s quite a nostalgia trip to see it now. So, from way back in 2009, we bring you Race 24… enjoy! LINK HERE