11 November, 2008

Race 14, Who's Your Daddy?

Who could forget last time?
It wasn't for lack of trying or going extremely hard, but no major stacks this time. Ton O' Fun gave it a good crack. Look at the flex on that! Obviously, keeping that fourth wheel on the ground creates too much drag on high speed corners...
It's a cool hill though, and we had 13 racers ready to have a crack.
Kymbo blitzed it. While some of us were having trouble getting off the start line (we may have started just a little bit beyond the crest), Kymbo was turning 'the corner of death' and on his way to another race win. Writing off White Lightning hasn't dented confidence at all.
Old47 made its AIGRF debut at a blistering pace. It's massive, and that proved a bit of a hassle when it came to getting back up the hill to make a second run. We hear a purpose-built street racer is in the works.
Paddles made a comeback. We all wish we had a quiver of racers we could choose from depending on what track we were running. Especially when they're all guaranteed to finish at the pointy end of the field. Obsession ran strong but was controversially disqualified for a wheelchair push start. I don't think he really minded: he got to fly really fast down a big hill and at the end of the day, that's what it's all about.
Subrid sported some new bodywork, but is still plagued by some technical issues. It's only a matter of time before it starts posting some wins.
Bootylicious also sported some new bodywork in the form of a bright pink racing suit. It's all about coordination, she was the envy of all the boys!
Death Ray has struggled with form recently and only just held out against Trollywood. The old wheels, a new bonnet and scary red eyes should have seen it further up the rankings.
It may have been cautious cornering on those tall wheels that held Red Rocket back this month, but the start position wouldn't have helped either.
But the big race was actually between Quicksilver and the Blue Bandit. History will show BB won in race one, but what happened in the real, real contest in race two when they lined up side by side? Well, history will show BB won that too. But it was close! Quicksilver looks forward to BB coming back in January for a rematch...

Official Results:
1. Kymbo (awarded 1st)
2. Old 47
3. Paddles
4. Ton-o-fun
5. Subrid
6. Bootylicious
7. Death Ray
8. Trollywood
9. Blue Bandit
10. Quicksilver
11. Red Rocket
12. Death Machine (awarded the skunk)
13. Obsession (DQ for wheelchair start)

Race controllers, as always, kept us safe and got us going. We'd be lost without them. Thank you! Awesome movie coming soon!

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