17 March, 2008

Race 7, Stiffy's Beach

We came back to race Stiffy's Beach before they build any houses and wreck the ambiance.
A new cart debuted – Trollywood. It's quick off the mark and quite speedy, but like all trollies, suffers a bit from the wobbles.
Trouble Maker sported some fantastic new paint work...
... that lasted less than one race after a bit of a race altercation saw him go bush and remove the front body work.
Kymbo once again proved too fast for everyone, and won the first race despite spinning out on the last corner and crossing the line backwards.
Ton o' Fun was the biggest improver, finishing 2nd in all three heats. Some new front wheels with bearings certainly did the trick. The new planned bodywork promises to be stunning.
Death Machine was a bit out of sorts, but would easily have won a competition for skidding.
Big plans are in the works for Quicksilver, watch it jump to the pointy end of the pack next time and beat it's nemesis, Fruit Loop.
Fruit Loop preformed solidly in the middle and provided some cool tunes to keep the racers entertained.

The results:
  1. Kymbo (finished backwards, awarded 1st trophy)
  2. Ton O' Fun
  3. Trollywood
  4. Fruit Loop
  5. Quicksilver
  6. Agent Orange
  7. Death Machine
  8. Bootylicious
  9. Dogbandit
  10. Troublemaker (went bush, awarded last trophy)
Thank you for the support crew once again doing and awesome job supporting.
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