15 October, 2008

Race 13, Baker’s Delight

13 karts for race 13, was this an omen or just perfect planning?

After the previous postponement, we finally were cleared to race the mountain. Not just any downhill run but the Mount Panorama of billy kart in Australia. 3km long and the possibility of 100kph plus!

Not that you could tell by the relaxed state of the drivers…
With the usual chinwagging underway, it was time to pullout the gravity beasts and see some new and improved karts.
Ton-o-fun, with the full body kit looks just as menacing as its master. Can’t wait to see it next to the purposely-built Ferrari, Ton-o-seriously-fast-fun?
Dogmatic, all primed and ready to go, had received a makeover since the last run. After placing a close second last time, will it be enough to get it over the line first this time?
Team Death must have had a special deal on the gas struts. With Death Machine sporting the new boot last race, Death Ray arrives with a new bonnet (or one massive air brake if it comes up mid-race). Wonder if the tradition will be kept alive for the next race and we’ll see another gas strut…
Race time. What a feeling, sitting at the top of the mountain, ready to go and someone yells out "are you shitting yourself?" Hell yes and loving it.
Ton-o-fun and Death Ray battling it out. Experience versus youth. Size against maneuverability. We can see this fight will go for many races to come.
Another bullet like performance, Obsession finding it easier going on the other side of the road.
Over the two races on the day, it was hard to separate Agent Orange and Fruit Loop. On both occasions Agent Orange toppled Fruit Loop, even with a tyre blow out on the last race.
Now please take note of this image and see if you can spot the difference with the next image.
White Lightning cruising in first place, a mile in front (well, mostly likely would have been if it had finished to whole race) had a little dance and a twirl with the asphalt at over 100kph and parked it next to a tree. That’s it unfortunately for White Lightning – rest in peace. You will be sorely missed.
Can that really read 89kph? The impressive figure of Bootylicious clocked an impressive figure on the dial as well, placing it on the podium. Another great Booty drive.
With teammate White Lightning out of the race, Kymbo takes on the competition and finds some breathing space.
On a ride as wide as this one, Trouble Maker luckily didn’t live up to its name and had a trouble-free run. Good to see Agent Orange and Fruit Loop still fighting each other in the background.
Trollywood, now with a regular driver, is making consistently fast runs and threatens the top runners. Imagine a fleet of these at your local shopping centre. Although this driver has his own, very impressive ride near completion so would anyone who thinks they can handle the fame and speed of the Trolly please stand up.
What a track to test a new kart on but this didn’t worry Illusion at all. With a few minor tweaks before the next race, this one will fly.
As always, we would like to thank all supporting crew that help make this happen and remember, you are most welcome to jump into our karts and have a run.

Official results:
  1. Ton-o-fun
  2. Death Ray
  3. Bootylicious
  4. Obsession
  5. Trollywood
  6. Kymbo
  7. Death Machine
  8. Dogmatic
  9. Trouble Maker
  10. Agent Orange
  11. Fruit Loop
  12. Illusion
  13. White Lightening (DNF)
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hope youll keep this stuff going long enough that i can join

ethan from america...13 yrs old