27 April, 2008

Race 8 – Meet The Flintstones

If you were only going to use one word to describe this course, it would be 'bumpy'. I don't think there was much footage of the first run, the cameras all shook themselves off.
Pity, because we all looked beautiful in our awesome new AIGRF branded jackets and shirts.
The Blue Bandit did well after its spell last race, coming back straighter and faster and holding its own in the drag off the line. Paddles sported an aerodynamic body and wheel-covers and owned the hill. Is this just because Kymbo was absent...? Watch this space! Its called Ton O' Fun for a reason, but that doesn't mean you can't slide it around. I wouldn't like to get in its way though... Just check out those race faces! We take this seriously. Bootylicious continued its good form taking second easily. Fruitloop is not intimidated by anything, preferring to rock-out with the on-board entertainment system while trying to stay ahead of the Blue Bandit and Quicksilver. But perhaps he should beware of the Death Machine, especially since...
...the Death Machine has taken a protogé under its black wing to form Team Death. Welcome Death-Ray!
This is an older, rock-solid cart and performed admirably in its first outing with the AIGRF, and with some more planned mods is destined to be a consistent front-runner.
A force to be reckoned with? Time will tell.Trollywood got tightened up, but still seems to have its own ideas about which way to steer.
Official results:
1. Paddles (awarded 1st place trophy)
2. Bootylicious
3. Death Machine
4. Tun O' Fun
5. Death Ray
6. Blue Bandit
7. Trollywood
8. Dogmatic (no longer Dogbandit)
9. Fruitloop
10. Quicksilver (Hooray! Finally wins a trophy!)
Big thanks as usual to the crew who drove, started, stopped, filmed, pushed and carried without complaint really early in the morning in the rain. They love us.
Movie is up! Watch it now!

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