04 January, 2009

Race 15, Grizzly Adams Has A Beard

Out to the boondocks for this race. You wouldn't think anyone would call the police on us way out here, would you? You'd be wrong.
But they were very nice gentlemen, professional and courteous. Just wanted to make sure we didn't have any motors and weren't doing anything too stupid. We assured them we weren't and we'd finished anyway. Everyone was happy.
Trollywood was the first casualty. A new driver and a bit too much air in the tires saw a blowout, but luckily just a spin and no flip.
Quicksilver did nothing. Went better in the third race of the day when someone else drove it. Obviously nothing wrong with the cart then...
Agent Orange chugged along nicely until Quicksilver's pilot drove it in the third race. Then it needed a push off the line and lost a wheel at the end. Can you see a pattern here?
Trouble Maker has new paint. Not sure why, everyone liked the teeth. It's said to be inspired by the cover of the 2008 Street Machine Hot Rod Annual. Needs work. Performed well enough though.
This race saw the long-awaited debut of The Force, an awesome Luke Skywalker Land Speeder complete with non-functioning thrusters. One of them fell off, but that will never happen again. This cart doesn't actually have wheels, but floats along the ground.
And eighth in its first time out is pretty respectable. The pilot has been with us since the beginning and has been a regular driver of Trollywood. It was worth the wait.
Another debut was Chariot Of The Dogs, replacement for the retired Superkart 3000. Another good first time result, with better sure to come once pilot and machine get used to one another.
Bootylicious was once again towards the front, skillfully avoiding the Trollywood mishap, making up places on the course with some devilish manoeuvres and racing for position until the very end.
Everyone should have an obsession like Obsession. Politness prevents me from revealing the age of the pilot, but I sure hope I'm still that fast and dedicated when I get there.
Death Machine was the sole representative of Team Death this outing and certainly didn't let the side down. The signature hard racing, flourishes of speed and trademark spinout finishes were all there.
Ton O' Fun also provided a spectacular finish, literally disappearing in a cloud of tyre smoke while doing a 540 spin before coming to rest mere millimetres from the guard rail before the bridge at the finishline. The pilot was worried about trolls living under the bridge and decided to stop before it.
Kymbo made a valiant second place finish despite starting at the very back of the field. Shows how fast this thing really is. Sometimes there's not much footage of Kymbo because nobody can get close enough to record it.
Our worthy winner made a big effort to be a part of the AIGRF. Leaving at 3.00am and travelling from out Penrith way to race with us at 6.00am requires dedication. But it paid off, with Midnight Special taking first place in its debut AIGRF race. This thing not only goes like a rocketship, it looks like one too!
The cockpit is fantastic and it rivals The Force in the looks department.
Magnum PI, although unfinished, had a run in the second race. It probably shouldn't have and is now even more unfinished. Oh well.

Official Results
  1. Midnight Special
  2. Kymbo
  3. Ton O' Fun
  4. Death Machine
  5. Obsession
  6. Bootylicious
  7. Chariot Of The Dogs
  8. The Force
  9. Trouble Maker
  10. Agent Orange
  11. Quicksilver
  12. Trollywood (DNF)
Note: Red Rocket raced too, but not in the trophy race.
Big thanks to support crew for big support once again. Movie up here!

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