16 September, 2007

Race 1, run and won!

The first offical race of the AIGRF has been run and won. The 'Death Machine' did in fact kill us. Five starters lined up in perfect conditions, cheered on by a further eighteen pit crew, camera operators, radar gun shooters and general hangers on. Special thanks must go to the man on the corner who moved his truck off the course than sat with his family out the front to watch the action and the WWII veteran checking his mail who entertained us with his recollections of racing billy carts along the deck of an aircraft carrier during the war.
First race is trophy race, with results as follows:
  1. Death Machine (awarded First trophy)
  2. Superkart 3000
  3. Silver Bullet
  4. Number 23
  5. Blue Bandit (awarded last trophy)
Superkart 3000 went on to win the second heat and got second in the third heat despite starting from the second row of the grid. That kart flies!
The three karts built from Supercheap trollies suffered from supercheap bearings, especially 23, but they're dialled in now, so look out come race two!
Check the action here.



Hey guys.
Great race and a great day.
Looking forward to next month.
With a bit of luck we will have more starters.

ajax said...

Hi guys, just heard about you from an old friend and I'm dead keen to boost the numbers. Have carts, have van, just need to know how.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ajax,
Send us an email: aigrf1@gmail.com