21 January, 2009

Race 17, Snappy Hour

It has been quite a few months since this track has felt our presence - but it hadn’t forgotten us. Last time, the weather had turned, being wet and damp. This time the sun was shining and the dust was flying.

Whispering Assassin focused and ready to go.

With chunky tyres and a broad wheelbase, Ton-o-fun literally ate this run with a well-deserved first place.

Death Machine pushing the boundaries of gravity with a before…


…and after shots.

With eyes of a great white shark, Bootylicious is looking for its next prey.

Talking about facial expressions, check out this stunned mullet. DMax’s first race went exceptionally well and made it to the bottom without any problems.

Chariot of the Dogs catching its breath and admiring the sunrise. It maybe a whippet in size but definitely has a nasty bite.

Rematch time between the rock wall and Quicksilver. Last time saw the rock wall deliver a crushing blow to Quicksilver however this time QS just pulled its pants down and said "screw you".

Death Ray and Red Rocket pushing hard, in fact a little too hard on the right hander, with Red Rocket rolling...

…and rolling.

Followed by some precision driving by Bootylicious.

Not to be outdone by Booty, Whispering Assassin shows some neat drifting skills to miss traffic.

Dust from the carnage ahead meant that Paddles had to drive blind and hope for the best.

The Rocket shows its ticker and get back on track.

As always, we would like to thank all supporting crew that help make this happen.

Official results:
1. Ton-o-fun
2. Red Rocket
3. Death Ray
4. Paddles
5. Whispering Assassin
6. Bootylicious
7. DMax
8. Quicksilver
9. Chariot of the Dogs
10. Death Machine

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