18 December, 2007

Race 4, Skippy's Revenge

Our longest and closest race yet!
This was a nice gradual hill in an industrial area with a lot of bush around, 1.2km long, ending with a sharp left into a short dead-end.
A few deadly potholes, but very light traffic, no houses and one very stoked early morning walker.
For the first time we welcomed a lady racer to the trophy race, driving the Death Machine. This may not happen again, because she won...
This race also saw the debut of a new cart, Agent Orange, bringing our regular tally to seven. It came last this time, but shouldn't take long to dial in.
The official results don't do justice to the Blue Bandit or SK3K. You could have thrown a blanket over the whole pack, with positions changing many times.
Perhaps it was the tinsel slowing Superkart 3000 down? Great Christmas spirit though...
Double Trouble has had a lot of modifications since the last race, including go-faster red scallops, wheel strengthening and being completely lowered. A new co-driver may have also made a difference to its highest ever placing.
Quicksilver finished in the middle, like it always does.

Official results:
Death Machine (awarded first trophy)
2. Dogbandit
3. Double Trouble
5. Superkart 3000
6. Blue Bandit
7. Agent Orange (awarded last trophy)
A big thank you to our awesome support crew, again ready to make movies, drive vans, cook breakfast and cheer on idiots. And above all, get up really early.

Check out the movie! Hooray to our illustrious editor!


Anonymous said...

Great morning & race. Glad I survived the Orange !!!. Can't wait to complete my own machine.

DangeRass #11 said...

Please please please let me race again! It was only beginners luck and the fury of the Death Machine that took me to the lead.



jake said...

Luv watching what u guys (& gal) get up to. More power to you. Great concept, awesome pics. Keep it up