21 January, 2009

Race 16, Tower of Terror

Tis the month of festivities so why not spread the fun in suburbia by running the Tower of Terror again. A sharp steep drop followed by a nasty left-hander seemed the best way to commence our Christmas cheer. Numbers were low for this race but didn’t mean that the intensity wasn’t there.

Kymbo sporting the Christmas looks and delivers the goods with ease, taking the win with style and grace.

Off and racing. Bootylicious doesn’t mind mixing it up and splitting the boys. In most cases out muscles the men with ease.

More speed in a straight line? Nah, Death Ray proves that going sideways is not an issue and handles it on any course.

Midnight Special taking the lead and on the way to a first place… whoa hang on, would have been first place but ended up carrying too much speed into the left hander, kissed the curb with enough force to retire for the day and also require a few stiches on top of the dislocated knee! Sorry no gore shots!

A veteran runner but sporting a new set of wheels, Chariot of the Dogs made its debut and survived the Tower. Look out in future races for Dogs as it will be there leading the pack.

As one new kart starts, another one retires. Sad to see but Fruit Loop officially retired after this race to greener pastures (to the back shed – to give the red backs something new to play with). The driver will return with a new ball breaker, but not with the same ridiculous paint job though!

Another race, another podium for Ton-o-fun, this time showing the skills of racing in a straight line and only using three wheels. Four wheels are overrated!

Where there’s smoke, there’s the Death Machine. As usual, from the first ever race to now; only ever applying the brakes after the race has finished. Crazy!

The epic battle of all times – Good v Evil – Luke v Vadar, well maybe a slight stretch but the Force is giving Ton-o-fun some serious pressure.

Just cruisin’, Paddles in the overtaking lane about to round up Fruit Loop. Probably the closest two karts on the day with the Loop just managing to scrape home by a whisker.

Check out Whispering Assassin, the body just reeks of speed and proved so with a podium finish even with a flat tyre after hitting a big pothole halfway down the hill. Can’t wait to see its speed on the longer runs.

As always, we would like to thank all supporting crew that help make this happen, especially this time of year when things are most hectic.

Official results:
1. Kymbo
2. Ton-o-fun
3. Whispering Assassin
4. Death Ray
5. Death Machine
6. Bootylicious
7. The Force
8. Fruit Loop
9. Paddles
10. Chariot of the Dogs
11. Midnight Special (D.N.F.)

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