05 November, 2007

Race 2, Tower of Terror

Daylight savings is cool. The days are longer, the weather's warmer, you have more time to work on your cart. However, daylight savings suck on the first day when you have to get up really early on a Sunday and you realise it's actually really, really, really early.
This race separated the try-hards from the die-hards, just by being there. This was our first go on a more densely populated suburban hill and it went choice. We had six starters from a possible eight, but the pull outs were legit and they should be racing with us next month.
'Double Trouble' was caught cheating off the start line with a wheel-chair push, but we let them go because they finished last anyway.
The 'Death Machine' once again took top honours, piloted by a crazy madman with colored-in arms and the part of his brain that deals with self-preservation missing.
A big thanks must go to our dedicated support crew whose ranks swelled to 35 even at that ungodly hour. They silently cheered, drove vans, controlled traffic and took some awesome footage that our talented editor cut together so expertly for your enjoyment here.
We were going to hand the carts over to interested parties to have a go after our second run, but traffic (including a police car) started to get heavier, and the big hill took its toll on the carts, with bearing going, brakes failing and hubs coming apart left, right and centre. We'll try to give them a go next time.
Official results:
1. Death Machine (awarded first trophy)
2. Quicksilver/Superkart 3000 (hotly contested, photo finish inconclusive)
4. Dogbandit
5. Blue Bandit
6. Double Trouble (awarded last trophy)

Have you checked out the movie yet?

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