12 May, 2009

Race 19, Meet the Flinstones

It was time to go to Bedrock again and Meet the Flintstones. Sadly, the council has not seen fit to resurface the road and we are a couple of cameras poorer because of it.
Seriously, they shook right out of their extensively engineered mounts!

Pictures of Old 47 are like pictures of Kymbo – rare. They're usually too far in front to be captured, and if they are they're blurry. 'What was that?' 'Dunno. Looked like Flipper.'
Bootylicious scored a top 5 finish, keeping her carefully applied race-face intact at all times.
I don't even know what this big cart was called. Sometimes I don't pay attention.But this is what a lot of us saw of it.
I do know it's a sister cart to the ever fast Obsession, that suffered from a poor grid position and got caught up in a bit of traffic.
If you just glance at this photo it looks like Quicksilver is a competitive cart...
...but sadly, this picture tells a more accurate story.
Despite his best efforts, Death Machine didn't break anything and finished all three runs. Here he is looking back up the track to get some more footage after a trademark end of race spin.
Teammate Death Ray tries to pass on some tactical information before passing Quicksilver. Or maybe he's just saying 'Hey, your front wheel's turning!'
The Force's repulsorlifts were working perfectly, and it positively glided down the hill with it's newly mounted lipstick camera getting some great footage.
Trollywood had a new pilot who held his nerve and got up on two wheels at the finish. He described the handling as 'a bit wobbly...' He'll be back.
Purpose built to compete in the AIGRF, Paddles always has someone new he wants to beat. At the moment that someone is Whispering Assassin, seen here sporting a new hi-tech windscreen. They were both at the pointy end and it was close.
Right behind them was Ton O' Fun. This thing should be the same speed as Quicksilver. It isn't. It's much, much, much, much, much faster. Some say it's something to do with the pilot...

Official Results:
  1. Old 47
  2. Whispering Assassin
  3. Paddles
  4. Ton-o-fun
  5. Bootylicious
  6. Death Ray
  7. Obsession's Sister (or whatever it's called)
  8. Death Machine
  9. Trollywood
  10. The Force
  11. Obsession
  12. Quicksilver
Our support crew rock, even the ones who have to be dragged hungover from their nice warm beds after only 2 hours sleep and then have to be supervised because they're probably still drunk. The sober ones are even better and the racers appreciate their dedication and acknowledge they wouldn't be going anywhere without them looking out for their safety. Thank you!

Watch the movie here!

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