08 December, 2009

Race 23, There Goes the Neighbourhood

We sort of put 'Australian' in our name as a joke, figuring why just have a local name when we could claim the whole country? Well, our claim has slightly more justification now as we've attracted our first interstate competitor!

The Other Woman and its pilot and crew travelled the 10+ hours from Queensland just to race with us! And you check it out, that's a pretty impressive cart, a pretty impressive distance and a pretty impressive effort. It was literally the first time out for this cart, so there where naturally some technical difficulties that resulted in a less than stellar official result, but as far as we're all concerned it was obviously the star of the day.
It took a while to get it off the trailer, and things didn't get any better for Obsession, finishing way further down than normal in ninth.
See? No wheels! The Force still found the going pretty bumpy though and floated into a top ten finish.
Doesn't look aerodynamic enough, does it? It wasn't, Dogmatic came in a disappointing eighth.
Quite often it's all or nothing for Death Machine, but this time it finished in a respectable sixth place. Not bad for one of the original carts!
Just proves size isn't everything. Here's Inspiration getting overtaken by a whippet of a cart.
The Chariot of the Dogs took a top five placing, even though it's sometimes dwarfed by the superkarts.
But here it is in turn being overtaken by the superior Enterprise. An impressive effort indeed.
Faced with a big, slow, silver roadblock in front of her at the start, Bootylicious took the only course of action available to her: she rammed it. It was just the boost Quicksilver needed to avoid last place...
And Booty scored some cool battle scars on her way to an impressive third place.
This is the view from Old 47 as he deftly weaves through traffic on his way to second place. It's a big cart and those are some small gaps but years of experience, a nimble mind and speed make all the difference.
In night vision mode we catch a glimpse of Kymbo hurtling to another first place finish. The longer track allowed it to stretch its legs and it was unbothered by the 90˚ corners, still able to retain speed and regather momentum.

Official results:
  1. Kymbo
  2. Old 47
  3. Bootylicious
  4. Enterprise
  5. Chariot of the Dogs
  6. Death Machine
  7. Inspiration
  8. Dogmatic
  9. Obsession
  10. The Force
  11. Quicksilver
  12. The Other Woman
Check the movie here!
As usual, massive thanks to our crew who start us and stop everyone else, even in the dark in the middle of Winter. And to our cane-toad visitors, we salute you! We look forward to travelling north when you're up and running. In the meantime, we'll visit you here.

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