05 August, 2009

Race 21, The Hamptons

A brand new track, in a nice secluded spot, mostly tar (rough in places), finishing in gravel.
This is the view from Kymbo as he took first place and crashed into the grass embankment at speed. Some would say 'driver error'? Others would say 'gravel finish-line'.
As you can see this bent the wheel a bit for the next races, but didn't seem to effect top speed at all. It was still bloody quick.
This was almost Dogmatic's day, except for getting caught up on the start line. A quick rescue by Death Ray and he was off into second place!
However, by the second race things weren't going so well and for the want of a split-pin, a wheel was lost and it was time to get out and go home.
Trollywood got away to a great start and led for quite a way until being reeled in by Kymbo. It still managed to hang on to third. That's damn good for a loner cart!
Pretty in pink Bootylicious positively hooked down the hill to storm into fourth place. The track seemed to suit it off the line and the big balonies helped the handling.
Death Ray was back and in-form to pick up a top five finish. It's team mate, Death Machine, did not fare nearly so well.
This track didn't seem to suit it and it struggled to get up to speed. A knock at the finish didn't help and it ran the next races seemingly without brakes. Not that he uses them anyway...
Chariot of the Dogs couldn't improve on its previous standing but enjoyed the outing and featured in some close back of pack duels that are a big part of what makes this racing so much fun.
Despite reaching a top speed of 54km/h...
...Enterprise couldn't make it to the pointy end of the field. However, the wheels all stayed on this time which is more than can be said for some other carts. Development is coming on nicely and it's only a matter of time before results improve.
As usual, Quicksilver did a mostly ceremonial race. But in a dramatic turn of events in the second run, its pilot was momentarily blinded by the dust at the finish line and stomped on the anchors to produce a spectacular spin. Unfortunately, he's not used to anyone being behind him...
...and so took out The Force who was minding his own business having a leisurely turn at a more sedate speed.
Of course The Force is well engineered and quite robust so escaped unharmed and will live to race another day. And maybe even win.
Official results:
  1. Kymbo
  2. Dogmatic
  3. Trollywood
  4. Bootylicious
  5. Death Ray
  6. The Force
  7. Chariot of the Dogs
  8. Enterprise
  9. Death Machine
  10. Quicksilver
Thank you to all our support crew who trekked out to the middle of nowhere to set us on our way, drive us back to the top of the hill, and take some awesome footage while they were going. Watch the fruits of their labour here.

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