20 March, 2009

Race 18, Weekend Detention

What better detention than to stir up the local suburban streets with 13 karts all pushing for the converted glory of being number one.

After the usual banter and psych up, we’re ready to roll – in literal terms.

Welcome home Blue Bandit. After a few months travelling the world, seeing the sites and searching for new tracks, BB is back with vengeance.

Whether in or out of the seat, Old47 felt at home on this track like a monkey with poo on his finger! It was first or nothing.

Paddles enjoyed a good clean run and worked its way up the leader board.

My God get a tan on those things… Chariot of the Dogs bearing skin in a chance that it may blind enough drivers to crash out.

Kymbo, like gravity, attracts a mass of bodies around it at the start. Don’t be fooled though, when in warp speed – not many can keep up with it.

Showing its mid-rear-end-field dominance, Quicksilver showing others the inside line.

There is nothing like sibling rivalry, with Bootylicious and Ton-o-Fun pushing each other. Champagne for one and tears for the other.

Strong finish for a strong kart, Enterprise had a good run on its maiden trip.

After the near write-off last month, Death Machine had plenty of work to do just to make it back on the track. The repairs must have worked well as DM had another strong race and survived this time without any scars.

Motion blur photography? Nah, it’s just The Force showing its true nature and doing what it does best.

How is that for speed? Death Ray is actually overtaking a car and leaving it as though it was standing still.

DMax and The Force pushing hard to beat the sunrise.

Would you pick this man up at your local bus stop? Wearing a really cool shirt and one hand on the two-way – have a guess which hand!

As always, we would like to thank all supporting crew that help make this happen.

Official results:
  1. Old 47
  2. Kymbo
  3. Ton-o-fun
  4. Death Ray
  5. Death Machine
  6. Paddles
  7. Bootylicious
  8. Chariot of the Dogs
  9. Enterprise
  10. The Force
  11. Blue Bandit
  12. DMax
  13. Quicksilver

Check the movie here.

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Brackham Lerouge said...

Hi from France.

Super job guys.
Very fun.