19 November, 2007

Race 3, Stiffy's Beach

What could be better than a brand new housing estate with brand new, smooth, twisty roads that go down a nice steep hill and end in a park by the lake?
Race 3 saw a bigger cart turnout, but we were slightly down on spectators with the location a bit further out of town. And the Death Machine was finally defeated by an in-form Dogbandit. Idealy suited to the tecnical course, the laid back style claimed victory in only its second meeting.
The newly formated Blue Bandit experienced some teething problems, but promises to be a real threat in the future with some extra weight and body mods.
It retired after the second run, but not before some exciting duels.
Superkart 3000 continues to defy all expectations and set a blistering pace without self destructing and littering the track with debry.
The Death Machine handed over the trophy for the very first time, but dominated the later races, including the 'Rookie Race', where we finally handed the driving over to the support crew and spectators to have a go.
Quicksilver continues to perform solidly in the middle of the pack, with new bearings only slightly improving performance. Perhaps a new aero-pack and spoiler will help?
Double Trouble continues to be a crowd favourite, but due to disappointing performance it is rumored its days are numbered.
It's a shame they're going to build houses here and we won't be able to race it anymore...Official results:
1. Dogbandit (awarded first trophy)
2. Death Machine
3. Quicksilver
4. Superkart 3000
5. Blue Bandit

6. Double Trouble (awarded last trophy)
(Ajax made some runs in the later heats)
Then breakfast by the lake! Compliments to the chefs and BBQ bringers as well as our starter, transport logistics managers, camera crew, film editor, and pit crew. You help is greatly appreciated, we hope you have as much fun as we do.
Check out the awesome movie here!

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