21 January, 2008

Race 5, Who's Your Daddy?

You'll really want to see the movie for this. I turn my back for 5 minutes to bring another human life into the world (going great by the way), and look what happens.

Obviously intimidated by the sheer number of new carts, hungry for screen time in the movie, and without the watchful eye of their big brother, Hitman and Nob go crazy.
In the first Heat, Hitman tumbles Quicksilver in the AIGRF's first major incident. He is unscathed, and jumps back in to take 9th.
Not to be outdone, Double Trouble does a 180 half way down the track in Heat 2 and completes the course backwards, ending in a spectacular wheelie.
The two teamed up in Heat 3, and this is the result. Double Trouble will never be the same again...
Hello gentlemen of the SFVISBF! Look what you've inspired! My mum's not happy with you.
So, how did everyone else do?
Well, we've doubled the size of the field to 10 carts!
Welcome Bootylicious! An impressive start, taking second place in the trophy race.
Welcome Paddles! An even more impressive start, winning the trophy race. This thing is a bullet!
Welcome (finally) to Fruit Loop, which finished mid-pack, with the promise of greater things to come. Superkart 3000 also debuted all-new, wind-tunnel-tested, super-light body work.
Alas, a blown front tyre prevented us from seeing if this will cataput SK3K to that elusive win...
Agent Orange also sported some new hi-vis front body work. Worked like a charm. Better brakes didn't hurt, either.
The pilot of the Blue Bandit will be reconsidering shorts as safety equipment in light of this month's shenanigans. But it stayed out of trouble and climbed the rankings to finish 5th.
The Death Machine lived up to it's name, killing Double Trouble. Repairs are required, and it only just had new vents put in.

Here's the results:
  1. Paddles (awarded first trophy)
  2. Bootylicious (decided by arm wrestle)
  3. Death Machine
  4. Double Trouble
  5. Blue Bandit
  6. Dogbandit
  7. Fruit Loop
  8. Agent Orange
  9. Quicksilver (rolled then got back in and drove to the finish)
  10. Superkart 3000 (tyre blew and didn't quite make it to the finish line, awarded last trophy)
As always, a big thank you to our tireless support crew – driving, lifting, cooking, filming and administering first-aid.

More pics here and here. You won't want to miss the movie, it's a cracker!


DangeRass #11 said...

And all this before 7:30am!

Anonymous said...

Video doesn't work anymore! :(

Anonymous said...

Sure it does. http://vimeo.com/2938576