31 August, 2007

'Superkart 3000' Build up – Part 2

A raft of improvements have been made to 'Superkart 3000', the most prominent being a seat and a coat of sinister black paint.
Most important, however, has been the strengthened chassis.
New handlebar enhances multi-directional vehicle logistics...
...and make a good place to attach the brakes. This kart will be a force to be reckoned with.

'Death Machine' Build up – Part 2

The 'Death Machine' is coming along nicely...
Driver comfort is paramount, so suspension has been fitted.
Helps with handling, too.
Steering components, working perfectly.
The driver's perspective.
If you see this behind you, get out of the way!

'Superkart 3000' Build up

It's amazing what people throw away. The Superkart 3000 is built from 100% post consumer waste, making it the most environmentaly sound vehicle in the competition.

The hard plastic wheels have been removed and replaced with golf cart tyres for better handling and grip.

Next comes hooking up the brakes and building a nicer place to sit.

'Death Machine' Build up

The 'Death Machine' starts to take shape.

Steering column is from a Hyundai Excel.

Serious wheels for serious racing.

Disc brake!

30 August, 2007

First Race

The first race for the AIGRF will be on Sunday 16th September at 7am. Initial track was to be King Edward Park, but the general consensus is it will be too short and too narrow. Reccees will be carried out by pilots this weekend to find somewhere better.