28 February, 2011

Race 37, The Hamptons

Ok, we need to bring things a bit up to date a bit, whilst race films are being made. So, back in September 2010 we raced The Hamptons – well, three of us did! It was going to be the Season 4 opener at the mighty Bakers Delight, but due to various unexpected circumstances no-one else turned up, so we decided to save that track 'til next time instead... meanwhile, Chariot of the Dogs recorded it's first ever win, but it was a hollow victory with only two carts to beat...

So anyway, what we did after the official race, was to each drive the other two carts and try them out - and quite a nervewracking experience that was - they all handle very differently, and not all go (or stop) as you'd expect...

Not sure what this is, but it fell off High Roller, half way down...

Official Results:
1. Chariot of the Dogs
2. High Roller
3. Paddles

11 February, 2011

In the pipeline (6)

Here we have a progress report on the cart introduced to us from "in the pipeline 1", a few weeks ago. Wooden in construction, but not performance, we expect... our spies tell us it is just about ready to race - should see it in action in a week's time, then!

01 February, 2011

In the pipeline (5)

Well, they just keep coming! Here's a radical makeover-in-progress for Dog Bandit or Dog House or whatever it's called... this one looks almost ready to race.

On the other hand, this thing (below), looks far too good to ever risk on a the kind of tracks we're used to... but wow! doesn't it look impressive!?