26 September, 2013

Race 54 film now uploaded

We could wait until all films are completed before uploading them, in order to keep them in chronological order, or we can just post them as they are finished – and with 3 people now making films, that's what we will continue to do. Race recaps will follow, eventually.

So without further ado, here is Season Six's running of "Snappy Hour"...

20 September, 2013

The hibernation is over

Yes, this blog has been inactive for a few months, with too many other things on the go, but that is about to change. First off, a newly-completed race film is up on Vimeo – Race 51 from almost a year ago.

Go and check it out, then report back here over the next few weeks as we bring you more films, news, race recaps and such-like...

Race 51 film here.