22 February, 2008

Race 6, Weekend Detention

Weekend Detention was a fun, 1.2km suburban run. Not super-fast or steep, it provided three incident free heats. Even with two of our regulars racing away in a legitimate race, we still posted our biggest field ever, eleven carts, with three new racers.
Two of them have some room for development, but Kymbo is a fully-fledged road rocket!
Even after 50m it was already leaving the rest of the field for dead. After the first corner the rest of the field thought he'd taken a wrong turn, because we couldn't see him anymore!
You'll be pleased to know Double Trouble has been rebuilt, but is now a single-seater – Trouble Maker. Finding a willing passenger was proving too difficult...
Ton O' Fun debuted and traveled a great distance to be there. It's not a cart you want to get in the way of.

There were also the traditional mid-field rivalries, with the newly painted Fruit Loop coming up trumps, even with the extra weight of the stereo. Blue Bandit's new speedo showed it got to a top speed of 54.8km/h.

The results:
  1. Kymbo (awarded first trophy)
  2. Daylight... followed by Bootylicious
  3. Death Machine
  4. Trouble Maker
  5. Fruit Loop
  6. Blue Bandit
  7. Quicksilver
  8. Agent Orange
  9. Superkart 3000
  10. Ton O' Fun
  11. Tiny Tim (awarded last trophy)
Tiny Tim did well to finish, after getting out and pushing a couple of times. Never say die! Once again our support crew did an awesome job driving, filming and traffic controlling. Thanks!

Check the movie!

11 February, 2008

Race Six

AIGRF Race Six will be Sunday 17th February – "Weekend Detention". Interested racers, camera crew and spectators please assemble at 5.45am SHARP at McDonald's Warners Bay for race briefing and track details. We will assign grid positions, advise spectators where to go and travel to the track at 6.00am. After the race, there will be the usual BBQ breakfast and trophy presentation – BYO bacon and eggs.