20 December, 2012

2012 catch up

Well, this blog is running a bit behind, no denying it. We have just run Race 52, so there are a few films to be finished and several races to recap. But rest assured, the AIGRF is alive and kicking, and to prove it here are some carts that have recently entered the fray....

K-Roller is evolving new bodywork

The Jester
War Pig
Mustang Sally
Tiny Dancer - now with superb bodywork and paint
Catch a glimpse of the new look Tiny Dancer here https://vimeo.com/55911971

We will attempt to get the blog up to date as soon as possible - in the meantime, happy new year to you all from the AIGRF.

20 November, 2012

News from America

We recently received this message:

A while back I wrote to tell you guys how much the AIGRF had inspired me. I began working on a cart and finaly have one fully functional. It's nothing great, maybe a bit like an early Death Machine, but I went racing in California with SUCKER (an off shoot of the SFVISBF croud). It was everything I thought it could be. I have recently founded NUDRS (Nevada Underground Downhill Racing Syndicate) and have a few others currently working on carts. I have a N.U.D.R.S. page on facebook with 3 race videos, the third being worth watching.
Once again, thank you for your groups dedication and entertaining videos that drove me to the greatest fun I have ever had.

Aaron Freeman
Overton, Nevada USA

So, good luck with that - we wish NUDRS all the best, with lots of exciting building and racing, and above all, keep safe!

14 September, 2012

Race 24... at last!

The long-lost footage from Race 24 has been found, restored and remade into a video. There was 18 gigabytes of material to go through, and it’s quite a nostalgia trip to see it now. So, from way back in 2009, we bring you Race 24… enjoy! LINK HERE

19 June, 2012

Two new race films...

Hi folks, a little out of sequence we know, but Race 47 and Race 48 films are ready to view. And what a contrast they are... some race days go off without a hitch, no major incidents occur, no really spectacular footage emerges; just a pleasant morning's racing then home again – Race 47 was one of those. But other days are different. There are crashes. There are smashes. And you wonder why on earth we participate in this madness! Welcome then, to Race 48...

We will update the Blog entries soon, and hope to get Races 45 and 46 uploaded too, but until then enjoy this action, and keep safe!

RACE 47 here.   
RACE 48 here.

18 May, 2012

In days gone by...

Yes, you've probably noticed we're a bit behind with making and uploading recent race films, but there's a couple nearly ready to go. In the meantime here's some cart-building inspiration from the days of black and white. Not actually sure these are carts or whether they have engines hidden somewhere inside, but they look pretty neat...

14 March, 2012

In the Pipeline (again)

We featured quite a lot of builds last year that were "in the pipeline", and hardly any of them have made it to the track. Yet. At the bottom of someone's back yard, another one is taking shape, and we are assured this one is for real. Time will tell...

12 March, 2012

Baby Baby Bertha

This is old news for many, but the Queensland contingent have been busy creating this carting masterpiece, and have been down to race with us a couple of times already. For those out there who haven't seen what they've been doing, why not check out their YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ubre66Mj2T0&feature=youtu.be)... look and learn!!

18 January, 2012

Race 44, Baker's Delight

October 2011 and the start of season 5, believe it or not. It's good to see that we are still attracting new racers, like this beautiful all-stainless steel creation, Spirit...
The racing itself was as intense as ever, the bright conditions making for some dramatic views along the track...
Risking life, limb and helmet-cam to get that esential close-up footage at the finishing line...
Kymbo won (unusually!) and its driver salutes the crowds before being devoured by a huge dog:-
Official Results:
1. Kymbo
2. Toecutter
3. Dogmatic
4. Spirit
5. Chariot of the Dogs
5. Snake Eyes

See the Race 44 film here, then join us in thanking the road crew once again for keeping us on the road as we enter our fifth year of gravity racing...

06 January, 2012

Race 43, Grandus Maximus Bitumus

September 3rd, 2011 - Back to the biggest road we race for our season finale, and this time with a special guest from California, known to all as Mr Joustin' Jay...
He's used to racing 11 mile long roads over there, but we managed to give him plenty of entertainment on the day.
Liddle Pig made a rare appearance, and so did stable-mate Rock On, an old cart but new to us:
Jay (left) survived the racing and got to take home a delightful souvenir plate...

Official Results:

Thanks to crew for supporting us again, see you next time!