11 October, 2010

Race 31, Meet the Flintstones

As befits a road to a quarry, the surface used to look a bit like this...

But since we were last here, it looks like one of these has been down this way:

And there was new metalwork on display too... Quicksilver has been replaced by High Roller (left), without bodywork yet, and (right) That-a-way, with bodywork-a-plenty...

Many hours of supreme craftsmanship have gone into this - too bad the huge window steamed up and the driver couldn't see out - could have been a winner otherwise...

Some old favourites made a reappearance too - so plenty of good racing on the day.

There's aerodynamic, and there's Bootylicious...

The spectator's-eye-view - might be a good idea to get out of the road, though:

Hell that was good, let's do it again...

Official Results:
  1. Midnight Special
  2. Kymbo
  3. Ton o' Fun
  4. Paddles
  5. This-a-way
  6. Bootylicious
  7. DMax
  8. High Roller
  9. Chariot of the dogs
And thanks again to crewmen and women. You can watch the movie here!

10 October, 2010

Race 30, Snappy Hour

Another bright sunny morning and we're back to the ocean's edge - and it's a steep and scary drive down there!

Pleasantries are exchanged before hostilities commence...

As regular readers know, this track is part tarmac, part dustbowl and all thrills:

Paddles and Quicksilver almost lock wheels as they gather momentum:

Dmax takes a close look at some free publicity:

Chariot of the Dogs hot on the heels of Quicksilver – can the Silver One hold that lead?

Of course not – sideways on to the track, Quicksilver fails to make it first to the finish line:

A contingent from the local Roller Derby League came to have a look at us – think they'll be sticking to 8 wheels each, though...

Hometime – and it doesn't get much more Australian-looking than this, you can almost feel the heat:

Official Results:
  1. Dmax
  2. Paddles
  3. Chariot Of The Dogs
  4. Bootylicious
  5. Quicksilver
And thanks again to crew and cameras – plenty of good footage for the race film. Check the movie here!