24 November, 2010

Race 34, Skippy's Revenge

Back in the Australian winter, it was a freezing cold morning and only four die-hards made it to the track. But the carts were evenly matched and some close and competitive racing ensued...
Chariot of the Dogs is finally starting to get some bodywork, and a bit of protection for its driver:High Roller has to follow suit, soon, you'd think...
Did we say "close"? Bit of a convoy happening here...Ton o' Fun wonders what happened, as Paddles pipped it at the post...Conquest, War, Famine, Death... the Four Cartmen of the Apocalypse:
And on it goes, another race, another sticker, another piece of history...
Official results:
  1. Paddles
  2. Ton o'Fun
  3. High Roller
  4. Chariot of the Dogs
Check the movie here!As usual, massive thanks to our crew (all two of them).

19 November, 2010

Race 33, Tallowood Lodge

We know it's only a chihuahua, but it's the hardest looking chihuahua we've ever seen, thanks to its very lovely AIGRF coat:

Meanwhile, back on track, here's a new machine about to meet the public:

It's name is Allegra, and it's very streamlined - unlike the driver - looks like a bit of a tight squeeze in there...

Why bother constructing fancy brakes, when all you need is an old oven glove?

No hiding from it, it was a meagre turnout for this race - so we experimented with different start points, including up at the top of this dirt road - Allegra didn't have the ground clearance for this one and struggled to get up and away...

Not enough clearance for the pilot either, also struggling to get up and away - he actually has to take his boots off to get in and out of the cockpit! (It did win, though!)

High Roller all-a-blur; think that's due to dodgy camerawork, not actual speed...

Proud of their work... and why not?

Official Results:
1) Allegra
2) DMax
3) Chariot of the Dogs
4) High Roller

And thanks again to crewmen and women. You can watch the movie here!

16 November, 2010

Race 32, Baker's Delight

Steepest, longest, fastest race of the season and this turned up:

Unfortunately, its steering wouldn't turn and its brakes broke, so it never got over the start line – who knows, we may see it again one day, though...

Meanwhile the rest of the racers got off to a flying start (that's The Force's rocket engine in the foreground):

Catch 'em if you can...

But try and stay on the track... The Force nearly enters another dimension, one with lots of trees...

Back in the hangar, the cause is revealed...

It's a big win for a big car... trophy time for the Ton o' Fun

Bootylicious had parked up and the driver gone for breakfast before High Roller made it down!

Amazing what you can find dumped in the trees... expect to see some of these items put to good use in the coming months...

Official Results:
  1. Ton 'O' Fun
  2. Bootylicious
  3. Chariot of the Dogs
  4. High Roller
  5. The Force
  6. Paddles
Appreciation goes to road crew, film crew, supporters and spectators – see you next time! Watch the movie.