28 March, 2011

Race 39, Grizzly Adams

November 2010 - carts-a-plenty, including two debutants...
First up, we have TOE CUTTER (if you know the Mad Max films, you'll recognise the name); a worthy successor to Death Machine.
It's looking a little skeletal so far, but bodywork is in progress, we hear. Next up we have LIDDLE PIG, can't imagine why it's called that!...
Some people thought it was a joke. But they weren't laughing when it flew past them on the track...
Oh, all right, they were laughing - when they saw that to drive the thing, you had to be a contortionist...
Of sh*t! forgot to bring the steering wheel...
Kymbo turned up on possibly the biggest trailer we have ever seen...
Art of the cart... homemade T-shirt and a sneak peek at the next incarnation of Chariot of the Dogs (maybe!)...
Official Results:
1. Kymbo
2. Paddles
3. High Roller
4. Liddle Pig
5. This-a-way
6. Toe Cutter
7. D-Max
8. Chariot of the Dogs
9. Inspiration
Of course big thanks to our faithful crew! Movie soon.

07 March, 2011

Race 38, Baker's Delight

An annual favourite, raced this time in October, a beautiful morning and a good turn out. And if you look closely you'll see Death Machine, making a welcome comeback after months away from the action.
Here we are at the start, let them wagons roll!
But at the bottom, it's a different story – Kymbo arrives at the line, all alone...
Everyone else gets there eventually...
Official Results:
1. Kymbo
2. Paddles
3. High Roller
4. Chariot of the Dogs
5. Death Machine
6. DMax

Thanks, supporters, followers, helpers...
Race 38 film coming soon...