24 October, 2007

Goin' Legit

In anticipation of our next race, a few Federation members journeyed to Gosford to enter a legitimate race and get some match fitness.
There have been quite a few mods done to the carts since the first hit-out, including bodies, bearings and brakes, so this was a good chance to test before our main event next weekend.
We were very disappointed by the wussy hill, especially since there was so much more of it we could have used and others around that would have been so much better. It didn't really suit our more maneuverable machines, but heavy, straight-line beasts did OK. Rope steering carts stacked all over the place, leaving bloody, bawling kids strewn all over the road. Serves 'em right for letting their dads build their rigs.
We discovered racing two-at-a-time is not for us. Waiting sucks. We could have been all down at once, sorted the legends from the try-hards, had at least five more runs and been in the pub comparing scars by the time they finished the first heats. We told them this when they asked us if we had experience organising races.
So, we didn't win, but we did test the carts and and found an awesome track on the way home for next month's race. Stay tuned.

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