08 December, 2009

Race 27, Tallowood Lodge

So, another beautiful summer Sunday morning, and a brand new track - quite straight, not too steep, nothing remarkable but enjoyable enough...

Eleven carts out and about today, but plenty of room on this smooth country road.

A bit congested at the finish line though, maybe because the sunlight was so bright, maybe because some drivers insist on finishing sideways?

Has Ferrari built a billycart? No, it's Paddles with smart new bodywork and wheels - don't expect it to stay this clean for long, though.

Coming through... did we say plenty of room before? Not when you've "got me a car as big as a whale"...

Get a grip, man! Oh well, everything else is illegal, might as well include the tyre tread.

Make the logo bigger! (in-joke for graphic designers).

Clearly, gravity racing is strictly a sport for finely-honed athletes...

After the race, it was down to the lake for breakfast. An old-time bush poet came over and entertained us with a few verses - that's what you can hear at the end of the race film, by the way.

What you don't usually see in the race vids, is the way our trophies keep getting added-to inbetween races. Here's a pretty good likeness of Death Machine, gracing the wooden spoon.

Official results:
  1. Old 47
  2. Kymbo
  3. Death Ray
  4. Obsession
  5. Trollywood
  6. Chariot Of The Dogs
  7. Ton 'O' Fun
  8. Paddles
  9. Bootylicious
  10. Death Machine
  11. Quicksilver

Cameras and crew, we salute you! See you next time...

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