28 February, 2011

Race 37, The Hamptons

Ok, we need to bring things a bit up to date a bit, whilst race films are being made. So, back in September 2010 we raced The Hamptons – well, three of us did! It was going to be the Season 4 opener at the mighty Bakers Delight, but due to various unexpected circumstances no-one else turned up, so we decided to save that track 'til next time instead... meanwhile, Chariot of the Dogs recorded it's first ever win, but it was a hollow victory with only two carts to beat...

So anyway, what we did after the official race, was to each drive the other two carts and try them out - and quite a nervewracking experience that was - they all handle very differently, and not all go (or stop) as you'd expect...

Not sure what this is, but it fell off High Roller, half way down...

Official Results:
1. Chariot of the Dogs
2. High Roller
3. Paddles

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