20 November, 2012

News from America

We recently received this message:

A while back I wrote to tell you guys how much the AIGRF had inspired me. I began working on a cart and finaly have one fully functional. It's nothing great, maybe a bit like an early Death Machine, but I went racing in California with SUCKER (an off shoot of the SFVISBF croud). It was everything I thought it could be. I have recently founded NUDRS (Nevada Underground Downhill Racing Syndicate) and have a few others currently working on carts. I have a N.U.D.R.S. page on facebook with 3 race videos, the third being worth watching.
Once again, thank you for your groups dedication and entertaining videos that drove me to the greatest fun I have ever had.

Aaron Freeman
Overton, Nevada USA

So, good luck with that - we wish NUDRS all the best, with lots of exciting building and racing, and above all, keep safe!

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