01 October, 2007

Welcome to the Federation

We welcome anyone with this many carts who wants to play with us. We are both impressed and slightly intimidated... it's quite a quiver.

First up "Ajax" – Ajax started out as a three wheeler in '93 and has been through a heap of changes over the years. It's now my girl's cart and she recently pimped it.

Started racing "Dogma" in'99 and its been through a lot of changes. Raced it at 70kg, 100kg and 150kg. I don't think I could get it under 80kg these days.

"Dogma II"

"Hermans Revenge" is a 150kg cart built for racing two particular courses.

"Screw Loose" is pretty light but it won't do corners.

And so, if you had this many carts to choose from, which would you race in the AIGRF?

Why, this one of course!

But there's method to the madness: "I built Dogbandit in '95 and raced it till '97 when it literally rolled over the line as seen here. I stripped it and the chassis has been living in a panel shop roof for the last ten years. This is the cart I'll rebuild to race with you guys, though probably without the pushy wheels".

Lightweight chassis, custom built for street racing. This is going to be fun!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

where are you guys based as i want to join, send me something


ill try to send you a pic of my cart, its nuts

thanks for that