24 November, 2010

Race 34, Skippy's Revenge

Back in the Australian winter, it was a freezing cold morning and only four die-hards made it to the track. But the carts were evenly matched and some close and competitive racing ensued...
Chariot of the Dogs is finally starting to get some bodywork, and a bit of protection for its driver:High Roller has to follow suit, soon, you'd think...
Did we say "close"? Bit of a convoy happening here...Ton o' Fun wonders what happened, as Paddles pipped it at the post...Conquest, War, Famine, Death... the Four Cartmen of the Apocalypse:
And on it goes, another race, another sticker, another piece of history...
Official results:
  1. Paddles
  2. Ton o'Fun
  3. High Roller
  4. Chariot of the Dogs
Check the movie here!As usual, massive thanks to our crew (all two of them).

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