19 November, 2010

Race 33, Tallowood Lodge

We know it's only a chihuahua, but it's the hardest looking chihuahua we've ever seen, thanks to its very lovely AIGRF coat:

Meanwhile, back on track, here's a new machine about to meet the public:

It's name is Allegra, and it's very streamlined - unlike the driver - looks like a bit of a tight squeeze in there...

Why bother constructing fancy brakes, when all you need is an old oven glove?

No hiding from it, it was a meagre turnout for this race - so we experimented with different start points, including up at the top of this dirt road - Allegra didn't have the ground clearance for this one and struggled to get up and away...

Not enough clearance for the pilot either, also struggling to get up and away - he actually has to take his boots off to get in and out of the cockpit! (It did win, though!)

High Roller all-a-blur; think that's due to dodgy camerawork, not actual speed...

Proud of their work... and why not?

Official Results:
1) Allegra
2) DMax
3) Chariot of the Dogs
4) High Roller

And thanks again to crewmen and women. You can watch the movie here!

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