05 October, 2011

Race 40, Snappy Hour

Eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted this alarmingly dramatic footage during the new title sequence of our Season 4 films... well, this is the race it came from.
Sunday February 20th 2011 started off pleasantly enough, with Toecutter revealing new body and paint...
And we were visited by a real hot rod, its owners had been following the SFVISBF on the internet and discovered us from there...
They enjoyed the spectacle and vowed to return with carts of their own.
Meanwhile back to the race, and to the only track we have with a significant amount of off-road surface...

Here's the view from Chariot of the Dogs just as High Roller decided to go even more off-road!
It gets worse (for the driver) or better (for the spectators) depending on your point of view...
That's some pretty severe damage, and in fact the end of High Roller as we know it (its driver will be back, though!)
Look closer, that's a rock embedded in the wheel - not easy to do!

Official Results:
1. Chariot of the Dogs
2. Toe Cutter
3. Ton 'O' Fun
4. High Roller
5. Paddles


kabral said...

Very good, big race, and big picture. Congratulations to drivers, camcorders and editors, good work.Continue on action. By from Brazil.

kabral said...

Spetacular, very good. Congratulations to drivers, camcorders, editors and all team. You make a good work, continue on action. By from Brazil.

old 47 said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

There's something to said for seatbelts,and rollbars and pillows and padding and foam and....

Cheers glad everyone walked away, I'll be back shortly

Old 47