18 October, 2011

Race 41, Meet the Flintstones

April 2011, damp weather but not dampened spirits. Usual suspects in attendance and a new devilish cart too - it looks suspiciously like a go-kart with the engine removed, but hey, you've got to start somewhere!
A rare sight in recent months, The Force flew in for a run or two...
Dogmatic is now sporting some shiny bits and this is the view everyone else got of it...
And here is everyone else (well, their transport, that is). Now remember how High Roller fell apart last race – now what's left of its running gear is wearing Paddles' bodywork, as it begins its metamorphosis into Snake Eyes (front right):
Talking of transport, this is how you should turn up to a race in Australia...
Official Results
1. Dogmatic
2. Toecutter
3. Chariot of the Dogs
4. The Force
5. Snake Eyes
6. Bezlebub
Thanks crew, supporters etc. View the Race 41 movie here...

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